Open Letter from the Founder.

When I started my law practice after years of school and training, I never would have imagined that one day I would be working exclusively with the owners of casinos, cruise ships, top entertainment companies - and their best clients.

But, that is exactly what happened.    Read: The Complete Letter

Serious Issues For Fun Loving People

Fun Life Can Destroy Real Life

 Stalker! Extortion! Slander! These are ugly words; and, unfortunately, I hear them almost every day. I have to because it’s my job; but, you don’t – as long as you are careful with your “Fun Life.” I have all types of clients: MILD TO WILD.   Some men want to be very discrete with their gambling activities; some men assistance negotiating …

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Sex For Money

Police Stings are on the rise everywhere – especially when it comes to hiring a sugar baby over the internet! Be careful … nowadays it’s not even necessary to actually DO ANYTHING “illegal” … a simple visit to a web site can place you on police radar screens. We see the newspapers everyday: Millionaires; Politicians; Celebrities; and Athletes “BUSTED FOR …

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Start Porn Movies

Start Porn Movies A simple guide to getting in the fun, exciting & profitable porn industry The first questions you need to ask yourself is… Do You Want To Star In Porn Or Be A Porn Business Owner – Or Both? The First Question is what are your goals.  Do you want to be behind the camera, in front of …

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