Cover your ass-ets when starting an adult business – keep reading to find out how

Cover your ass-ets when starting an adult business – keep reading to find out how
Yesterday I sent out an email documenting how some of my adult clients live the lifestyles of the rich and famous buying exotic sports cars, playboy mansions, machine guns and even moon rocks and baby tiger cubs.

When you hit it big in the adult industry – you hit it big.

One of the most important legal services that I have provided for these clients is called:

Asset Protection Planning

Remember it is not what you earn in this business it is what you keep.  There is also a very important legal concept that everyone on this list must understand when running an adult business.  The concept is called criminal forfeiture.

This is the process where the government comes in and accuses you of a crime then basically takes all of your money, property, toys and stuff that you really love.  It is really a horrible set of laws that our government uses to bully people and often times steal their money.

Go figure our government wants to take your money!

By the proper use of asset protection techniques you can protect your hard earned assets from the attack of potential creditors.  This could include the government, your creditors, business partners and even greedy ex-wives.

In fact this is how I started my career as an adult industry attorney.  Way back in 1996 I had an adult client who came to me for asset protection.  He was so happy with the asset protection services that I provided that he asked me to become his adult entertainment attorney.

So if you are an existing or new client don’t forget to ask us about the asset protection legal services that we can provide to make sure that you can protect all of your hard earned assets.  1-888-412-3858



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