Five Critical Elements To Success in The Adult Industry

Five Critical Elements To Success in The Adult Industry

In yesterdays email training we talked about the fun events that we will be holding over the next few months.  In today’s training lesson we will be talking about becoming successful in the adult industry – can’t have fun unless you are making money in the biz.  So we are going to discuss five critical elements to success in the adult industry.

Also, I am going to take a step back and say that these elements are necessary for success in any industry today – here we go:


This sounds silly and common sense but you would be shocked at how many people call my office ready to invest significant sums of money who have no foundational knowledge at all about how the adult industry works.  Over the years I have had to take and knock out of people’s brains copious amounts of bad or incorrect information about the industry  – Bottom Line… You want to be successful in this industry – Learn The Industry.


Trying to do this business without any contacts or connections is a monumental task.  Do not start your business until you have access to the correct business connections.  Recently, I had a individual contact my office about starting a web cam studio.  He started off the conversation by asking what I believe were the right questions:

1)       Can you tell me who are the better web cam providers to deal with

2)       Can you put me in contact with the right people

Develop a plan to become known in the industry as someone the major players want to do business with and you will have long term success.  Now please do not read that incorrectly – many potential clients come to me and want to use publicity to make a big splash in the industry.  They want to get a big booth at the trade shows or sponsor some parties.  Those are great ways to spend lots of money with little to no returns.  Every year we see people who go to the AVN and have huge booths who disappear by year two.  Again, your networking plan should be to become known as someone the major players want to do business with

Build on A Firm Legal Base

I am not going to spend much time speaking on this issue as I constantly scream from the mountain tops….always stay 1000% legal…not 100% legal but a 1000% legal.

One area that I want to emphasize is privacy protection –  We stress setting up privacy based companies so that you can protect your identity and your business.  If you have read the previous paragraph on networking you may think this is a contradiction.  Not true – we have developed legal strategies that allow you to do this business anonymously or at least semi-anonymously based upon your desires.  Not an easy but with work it can be accomplished.

Owning The Distribution Base

Over the years I have seen many companies succeed but more importantly I have seen many companies fail.  Learning from others mistakes is critical to survival in the modern adult industry.  One of the main reasons for failure is relying upon others solely for your distribution.  This is true to all aspects of the adult industry.

Now I am not saying that you do not distribute or market your business or content through others I am saying that if your business solely relies on others to distribute your content you are at their mercy.  I had a client who solely distributed their content through the major houses.  I saw how the big distributors could slow down payments, send returns for credits and play a million games while the small businessman struggled to pay expenses and payroll.  (we see this sometimes with the Wal-Mart’s of the world and other big mainstream distribution hubs)

Owning the customer is the ultimate goal and gives you freedom and security as it relates to your cash flow.  I have clients that you never even hear of who quietly make large amounts of money by maintaining a viable adult customer list.  They protect their client list like gold because it is gold.

So how do you own the customer – we will be discussing at upcoming training sessions how even a “small player” can develop a significant customer list.

Persistence and Openness

This really could have been broken in to two categories in themselves.  Persistence speaks for itself – those who keep trying to be a success in the adult industry will eventually succeed.  No doubt about it.  If you are in this to just make a quick buck and run you probably should go back to flipping houses or some other get rich quick scheme of the day.

Openness to New Ideas:  The best example of this is one of my most successful clients – he came into the adult industry just like many of you with a idea he thought would make him rich…. He liked girl’s feet and he thought if he started a foot fetish website he would be rich.

Well the Foot Fetish website did not make him rich what it did was get him in the game.  What he did right was keep his eyes open and his ears to the ground and was open to doing things different.  He listened as his models complained about not being able to get their own website started, he listened as other producers complained about not knowing how to distribute their content.

A light bulb went on over his head – what if he could start a program where someone with no knowledge could put up their content on their own web page with no technical skills and start making money in less than twenty four hours.

Bingo – his first idea did not make him rich but by staying in the industry and being open to trying new things he became Uber rich…to the point he has cars and toys even I can’t afford….still love him as even now he is still open to trying new things.

What’s Your Next Step?

If you have not purchased our Fast Track program that will give you the foundational knowledge to get started.  If you have purchased the fast track speak with one of our adult business advisers and lets work on your success plan.  If you have tried the business before and failed….pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off and know that you are only a failure when you quit – until then you are just one idea away from greatness or at least a ton of fun in the adult industry

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