Fun Life Can Destroy Real Life

 Stalker! Extortion! Slander!

These are ugly words; and, unfortunately, I hear them almost every day. I have to because it’s my job; but, you don’t – as long as you are careful with your “Fun Life.”

I have all types of clients: MILD TO WILD.   Some men want to be very discrete with their gambling activities; some men assistance negotiating with troublesome girlfriends … most of us have some areas of our life that we would like to rope off and call “private.”   That is what I call your FUN LIFE.

On the other side of life is family, children, clients, neighbors, professional associates.  It is best for these two worlds to never meet.  More than that, it is best for all of us to take active measures to insure that one world never interferes with the other.  The results can be devastating.

Usually, people call me for help only after their “Fun Life” is threatening their “Real Life.” And, nowadays, it is impossible to ignore the risks.  Any internet trouble-maker, or jilted girl friend, can create serious problems with little money, time, or intelligence.  What’s worse is that suspicions and witch hunts are not fair.  A web page, or Facebook post, does not have to be true to be seen by millions of people.

Get informed!  We have created “Advanced Asset and Privacy Protection” programs for people that like to live life on the edge.  It is 100% possible to have all the fun you desire; while, at the same time, protecting your reputation and fortune.

Even if you do not take my advice, try to take a mental inventory of all the ways your behavior can leave “clues” and cause “red flags.”  A little preparation and forward thinking often times make all the difference between a little R & R and a Train wreck.

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