Sex For Money

Police Stings are on the rise everywhere – especially when it comes to hiring a sugar baby over the internet! Be careful … nowadays it’s not even necessary to actually DO ANYTHING “illegal” … a simple visit to a web site can place you on police radar screens.

We see the newspapers everyday: Millionaires; Politicians; Celebrities; and Athletes
BUSTED FOR PROSTITUTION”. They are hung in public effigy.

However, every year over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND (100,000) normal people are arrested in the USA for unlawfully engaging in some type of prostitution related activity. It’s hard to explain these charges away to wives; family; clients; neighbors … the “appearance” of guilt is all that is required for unrecoverable damage to occur.

I don’t get it! It is natural to desire the company of beautiful women!

Do you think my casino or adult film clients do without the joys of sex? Hell No! These guys get everything they want and remain in complete control of their lives too – 100% Safely and Legally – AND PRIVATE TOO! Here are two simple solutions that almost any man can do to upgrade his sex life instantly. Both require only a little planning … which is best for you?

LOCAL SEXY Women – No Problem!

I have many clients that start little adult web sites as a hobby business. These guys have a rolodex full of porn stars and models available for work and parties at a moment’s notice. This approach can be 100 % Safe and Legal. Business owners always call all the shots, and stay in control. They get respect, and never scammed. (You can even make a profit!) => Click Here

SERIOUSLY UPGRADE Your Standards with women!

Some men figure out how to attract Perfect 10’s and Trophy Wives. This takes more effort and delivers a higher caliber class of women. This solution works equally well for men wanting to live the Playboy Life Style, as well as for men wanting to find the only one special women.

The Playboy Life Style. Some men to not have serious intentions and neither do many sexy young ladies. When these two types meet, the results are sexy flings and short term romances. As long as there is honesty and respect, nobody gets hurt – this is the spice of life for many people.

Trophy Wives (with Sincerity too). Some men are not turned on by romantic encounters. These guys are seeking a real, honest to goodness, love affair with a beautiful young woman that truly turns them on. But, how likely is it for a man over the age of 45 to marry a Trophy Wife in the USA? International dating can drastically upgrade any man’s possibilities with women in a blink of an eye.

The key is to find new social circles! If you are a man that would like to SERIOUSLY UPGRADE your standards with women, learn how you can gain access to unique opportunities by requesting access to exclusive private events now => Click Here

If you don’t have the money and time to use these good ideas, I encourage you to be extremely cautious when contacting a private sugar baby or a woman with an agenda. Consider these important facts before you place yourself in jeopardy.

Tip #1. Police Sting Operations:

Hiring a woman for the act of sex is illegal in almost every city in the USA. We live in an age where internet, smart phones and surveillance cameras can put even innocent behavior on police radar screens. Do not be lazy or careless. Take every precaution to protect your privacy and safeguard your reputation.

Tip #2. Dangerous Associations:

Exotic dancers and party girls often come from poor backgrounds. Commonly these women have friends and boyfriends with long police arrest records. Reliable background checks are a requirement. Do not bend the rules for a pretty face! These types of women can be very dangerous. Be suspicious, and consider your vulnerabilities. Think of all the ways you can be exploited (assault, extortion, etc…)

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