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Legal Clients Receive Total Support, Consultation & Networking:

Private Mentor Level Service is recommended for all those that want to establish an adult business entity correctly; open adult business banking and billing accounts; and utilize privacy protection strategies.

This level of service allows for the creation of a personal relationship, so as to insure that the client’s business and life style goals are achieved. We carefully advise our clients on federal law 2257, and give immediate access to our Vault 2275 online service that organizes all records and creates a “third party custodian” of your important adult business records.

Importantly, multiple layers of privacy protection are put into force so that clients are able to conduct adult business anonymously. This is highly recommended for parents, professionals, business owners, and officers in the military.

Additionally, all active legal clients are invited to attend our Adult Seminars events that occur twice a year. These events give hours of group delivered legal advice and business consultation.

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