License to film porn

One of the most popular legal questions I am asked is: Do I need a license to film porn, or adult content.

My response begins with a predicable question: What state are you in? The correct legal answer must take into account in what geographic area you are conducting business. Laws in the USA vary, as do laws from country to country. so, it is best for the novice NOT TO ASSUME anything when it comes to the legality of producing “porn,” or adult content.

If you live in the city of Los Angeles for example, film production permits are issued by the Entertainment Industry Development Corp. If you live outside of California, and specifically outside of Los Angeles, the question is a little more in depth and is much broader than the issue of permits. Some areas are anti-adult and some areas are neutral to adult content. Always check with a qualified adult entertainment attorney prior to filming, or planing production.

The real questions you need to be asking is: How do I set up a legal company to film adult/porn content and what are the laws that I need to comply with. Continue to research this site for answers to that and other legal and business issues important for those conducting business legally in the adult industry.