The First Five Legal Steps


1, Protect Your Ideas Like Gold!

Do you have a new idea or a creative twist on an existing adult film, website or sex product/toy? I strongly suggest that you do not carelessly share your ideas or concepts with others until they are legally protected. It is impossible to know where the next big idea like Bang Bros, or FleshLight will come from. I have seen crazy ideas become wildly successful.

The adult industry is very receptive to new ideas. New ideas are the very life blood of the adult industry.  Remember the early days of cable TV and the internet?  Who were the first customers?  The adult consumers should get the credit for giving these new innovation their commercial start.  That is because the adult consumer is excitable and ready to try new things.

There are low barriers to enter and launch new ideas in the adult industry. So again, be forewarned! People can steal your ideas, and take it to market in days, or weeks – especially if they already have an adult business entity, web presence, and industry contacts.

2, Hide Your Real Identity – ALWAYS

It is possible to conduct business in the adult industry 100% SECRETLY.  I encourage everybody that is going to start an adult business (AND THIS IS A GOOD IDEA … even if you are only planning on participating in adult communities) to use legal strategies in order to create for yourself multiple layers of privacy.

Be honest and be prepared.  Society, in general, is a judgmental place.  Privacy protection is especially important to mothers and fathers.  It is important to all those that own a business, or hold professional licenses; and of course officers in the military and high profile public employees.  It is better safe than sorry.

This should be a top priority to everyone!  Do not let Nobody can foretell the future, and you do not want to exclude future possibilities carelessly. It is very, very expensive to create identity protection and erase online associations AFTER you begin conducting business in the adult industry.

If you are a student, or on a shoe string budget, we have created very minimalist Do-It-Yourself legal programs to give you these type of protections too. And, we have priced these services so that they are affordable to everyone.

3, Know The Laws.

It is important to conduct business legally always – never risk accidentally going to jail.  Learning the laws are your responsibility; ignorance is no excuse. Take full advantage of the free information on this site to learn more.

For example, the most important set of legal requirements for those conducting business in the USA, or who are marketing to USA consumers is federal law 2257. Another example is making sure a correct “model release” is signed every time you film. It is normal for all this to be confusing to those just starting out.

Our clients never have to worry about legal issues. This is a top priority for us. Long term success is our goal for every client.

4, Learn How to Legally Advertise, Interview, and Hire Glamour, Adult & Fetish Models.

[ the above video is a an interview of an adult model by one of our adult business advisors]

There are a host of legal issues that arise when non-professionals advertise, interview, and hire models. It is possible without the proper training to unintentionally expose yourself to legal risks.

Please be careful!  Use your best judgment and always conduct yourself know that strange people and places could be a trap.  There are professional standards that you should learn and adopt to treat everybody with respect.  This insures that you will be taken seriously.

5, Business Networking is Key to Success.

[the above video is an interview by one of our adult business advisers on networking in the industry]

For most people, NETWORKING (getting the right introductions)  is the key to success. The old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” goes triple in the adult entertainment industry. This is not a normal business where the advantage goes to the lowest bidder … friendships and good connections can turn into money and profit.

In summary, almost anybody can start and adult business or web site for Fun & Profit.  This is an exciting and sexy industry, and it is filled with open-minded, high energy, and super friendly people. I hope that you are serious and take the time to register for your FREE 30 Day Membership to get the right information.

AJ Comparetto, Esquire 
Founder, Adult Seminars
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